Strawberry Shortcake Roll

Strawberry Shortcake Roll

Today’s recipe delivers all the wonderful flavors of strawberry shortcake: fresh strawberries, whipped cream and shortcake, in one package. I found this recipe on and to my great distress the cake looked like a complete failure at one point. In the end, I snatched victory from the (hungry) jaws of defeat. Normally I wouldn’t post a recipe before getting it right all the way through, but people from the neighborhood Bridge Club are clamoring (“Clamor! Clamor! Clamor!”) for the recipe, and I am here to deliver! The aforementioned Bridge Club, is not named for a card game, but it

Bird Suet

This recipe is for the birds!! I like to feed backyard birds and because I live in a wooded area I see many different types of feathered friends. Their beauty can be astonishing and the songbirds sing so wonderfully. For years, I was of the mind that birdfeeders were only truly necessary in winter when natural food sources become scarce. But I have come to realize that keeping feeders stocked year-round is helpful to shrinking bird populations and provides a year round opportunity to view a wider variety of species, as some only visit during migratory times of the year.

Grilled Margarita Shrimp

July 24 is National Tequila Day. I’m sure everyone is looking for creative ways to celebrate. A margarita is an obvious choice, especially delicious in slushee form on a hot summer day. But don’t stop there! Since you already have tequila on hand, make some margarita shrimp. Yes, there is such a thing and it’s delish! Also very simple. I originally found this recipe on To start, marinate the shrimp in a mix of tequila and lime juice (sounds like a margarita to me!) as well as some Mexican-y spices. This step needs at least 30 minutes but can

New Backyard Visitor


My neighbor used to have a pile of wood stacked on the edge of his lot. It was occupied by a big old woodchuck who would periodically come out just to torment my dogs. I was so happy when the woodpile disappeared, because then so did the woodchuck. Until now. After all these years, I have daily sightings of a woodchuck. He looks much too comfortable in my backyard! I’m starting to think I need to get a dog again!

Lime Shrimp and Avocado Salad

Sometimes the mood for shrimp hits, but not the mood for making it. This recipe from satisfies both those needs by using pre-cooked shrimp to throw together a wonderful and healthy salad. The tastes of this salad remind me of ceviche, which is essentially raw fish cured in citrus juices. Ceviche is delicious, but sometimes the mental image of raw fish might spoil it for some. In this salad, the shrimp is already cooked, which makes it a perfect compromise. It takes very little time to assemble, and in the case of a rare leftover portion it is still

Frozen Tropical Lime Pie


I wanted to bring to your attention an important holiday coming up. I’m hoping it’s marked on everyone’s calendar. Every year on the third Sunday in July our nation should set aside time to observe National Ice Cream Day. This year it’s July 21st. Should be a national holiday, right? Clearly, an ice cream pie is in order. This recipe is adapted from and features both lime sherbet and vanilla ice cream. The crust was the greatest challenge for me as I couldn’t figure out what kind of cookie Pillsbury asked for with the description “crisp coconut cookie.” So

Lemonade Pie


Is there anything more refreshing on a hot summer day than lemonade? It’s tart, sweet, thirst-quenching (and I swear it cools body temperature) all at once. I love it! That made this recipe an easy choice: a no-bake pie with the flavors of lemonade. This is another super-easy pie that requires very few ingredients, and the result looks like you labored from dusk til dawn. Note: While this is not a labor-intensive recipe, planning ahead is essential since preparation for this cool confection includes four hours of defrost time for the Cool Whip (I ALWAYS forget this step) and four