About Sula

Welcome, I am so glad you are here!

I once told someone that my favorite reading materials were cookbooks and menus. He didn’t understand. But since you are here, I’ll bet you get it…. at least a little, right?

Like so many others, I grew up eating the typical American diet of meat first, always accompanied by potatoes and bread and then some kind of vegetable – almost always an afterthought. As I married and raised a family of my own, I carried on the tradition.

However, once I got to -ahem- “a certain age”, I became increasingly aware of my family’s risk for developing heart disease and dementia. I started to research prevention, and guess what kept showing up? You got it: plant-based diets. And so the idea was “planted”.

However, changing a 50-plus-year habit, well, easier said than done.

My transition was extremely gradual – it took at least 5 years, and started with just one vegetarian meal a week. Today I consume 1-2 servings of animal-based protein per week, and that is usually fish. I also permit myself to use small amounts for flavoring, such as pancetta in soup, etc. But I am getting away from that, more and more.

One step at a time.

This blog is for anyone who can relate. Maybe, like me, you want to eat more vegetarian meals for your long-term health. Maybe you make your choices for ethical or environment reasons. Or maybe you are just exploring the possibilities. I say hurray to all of these reasons. The more we know, the better we eat.

Anyway, enough about me already – let the cooking begin!

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