Taco Meat

2 corn tortillas filled with taco meat

Everyone loves taco night, right? It’s a delicious meal that’s easy enough to make, so everyone goes away happy! This taco meat recipe is a great start for that! Ground beef browned in a skillet, with taco seasonings, water and salsa added. Cook it down until thick and use it in all your taco night favorites! Taco seasoning for ground beef For a long time, I made my taco meat using those pre-measured packets of seasoning, but I really needed something more flexible. The packets are made for a pound of meat. What if you want to make 1 ½

Almond Milk Pancakes

stack of 4 almond milk pancakes with butter and syrup

I have a recipe for old fashioned pancakes which has long been my go-to. But I rarely stock milk in the house anymore, and have transitioned to using almond milk in my coffee, etc. So one day I wondered, can you make pancakes with almond milk? Would this be a good milk substitute for pancakes? The answer is: yes. Most definitely. 😀 Ingredients needed for these dairy free pancakes Flour – nothing fancy, regular all-purpose flour works just fine Baking powder Sugar Salt Butter Egg Almond milk – you can use plain, but I always use vanilla flavored. The milk

Bunny Butt Pancakes

bunny butt pancake of pancakes and sliced strawberries arranged like a bunny's butt

Ok, I couldn’t resist. Even though I already made bunny cinnamon rolls and bunny dinner rolls, I just had to make one more bunny for Easter: Bunny Butt Pancakes! Ingredients needed Pancake batter (I used almond milk pancake batter, but feel free to use your favorite) Strawberries Whipped cream Chocolate chips (optional) How to make the pancakes You will need to make pancakes in two different sizes. Half will be a normal round pancake. I use ¼ cup of batter to make these pancakes. I conveniently have measuring cups with long handles that make this a little easier. Use a

Pan Fried Asparagus

pan fried asparagus on a gold rimmed plate

Spring is here and that means asparagus season! And even though we can find asparagus pretty much year-round in the grocery stores these days, I still equate it with the Spring season. Asparagus, like all veggies, tastes just a little bit better in its natural season. And today I have a simple but delicious way to prepare it: pan fried asparagus. Ingredients needed Fresh asparagus Olive oil Butter Shallot Garlic Salt and pepper How to pan fry asparagus Start with prepping your asparagus. Wash it well and break off the woody end. You can cut if you’d prefer but I

Easter Bunny Cinnamon Rolls

Easter bunny cinnamon roll on a white plate with pastel pretend grass

It’s time to have a little fun with holiday food. Sometimes this means making food of specific colors, but this time I went for a shape. And I took the easy route and used pre-made dough to make these Easter bunny cinnamon rolls. It’s all about the cuteness! Ingredients needed Refrigerated Cinnamon Roll dough (12.4 oz) Raisins Grands vs regular cinnamon rolls I stick with the Pillsbury brand rolls for these, and I have used both the regular size as well as the “Grands.” To be honest, if I’m simply making cinnamon rolls for our eating pleasure, the Grands are

Edible Easter Grass

3 Cinnamon bunnies on edible easter grass

When making fun little sweets, it’s always good to plan ahead regarding how they will be served. In the case of Easter, I feel like almost anything will look right on a bed of grass. And certainly you can use the stuff from the store, but you can also make your own edible Easter grass! Ingredients needed It’s pretty simple really. Coconut and food coloring. Oh, and a little water. I went with green food coloring for a classic look but I also think it would be fun to make some pink and light blue and have a mixed pastel

Easter Bunny Dinner Rolls (Crescent rolls)

bunny crescent roll on pastel easter grass

Sula and Spice If your Easter dinner is like many, you spend your time planning the main and several side dishes and salads. Delicious and wonderful food, and a nice roll will complete the meal. Is your family, like mine, fans of crescent rolls? Here’s an easy way to take crescent roll dough and make the most fun rolls ever: Easter bunny dinner rolls. Ingredients needed for these dinner rolls Crescent dough – sheet Raisins – optional This is a short list. Only 2 ingredients needed, and one is optional. The only tricky part is that you want the crescent