hand washing

Proper Hand Washing

The importance of proper hand washing We all know how to wash our hands. The current climate has our leaders reminding us to increase our hand washing frequency. But, are we using good technique? Our hands touch so many surfaces every day. And, we tend to touch our faces. A lot. So we are transferring all those germs to our faces all day long. In order to kill as many germs as possible, we need to wash our hands for a full 20 seconds. How to time ourselves for 20 seconds of hand washing How long is 20 seconds anyway?


Pasture Raised Eggs

How much do you think about the quality of the eggs you are eating? If you’re like me, the ever-increasing choices make it more confusing by the day: free range, cage free, organic, Omega-3, grain fed, . . .  pretty soon we’re going to need a manual. And now, there’s another player in the mix: pasture-raised eggs.  Because eggs find their way to our table at all times of day, in one form or another, I wanted a closer look at this indispensable ingredient. I should know eggs. I’m a city dweller now but grew up on an old-fashioned farm. First it

Ring-tailed lemurs

Lemurs in Madagascar

I recently took a wonderful trip to Madagascar and decided to share the experience, and some lemur pictures, here. Madagascar is unique, beautiful and primitive. The fourth largest island in the world, Madagascar split from the Indian subcontinent about 88 million years ago where native plants and wildlife then evolved in relative isolation. An astonishing 90% of Madagascar’s wildlife is found nowhere else on Earth! My favorite Madagascar wildlife is the lemur. Many people think of the lemur as one species, however, there are actually close to 100 known species, only on this special island. I, of course, did not


International Cat Day

Today is International Cat Day. Which apparently differs from National Cat Day, celebrated in October. Doesn’t matter, if you have a cat you know that they feel EVERY day is their day! My guy is celebrating at the Vet, getting a full dental. He doesn’t seem impressed with my venue choice.

International No Diet Day

May 6th is International No Diet Day.  When I first saw this, I thought, “SWEET!  Let’s have dessert!” But then I started to read up on this holiday.  What it is actually promoting is the idea of having a healthy relationship with food rather than focusing on whatever diet happens to be the trend right now as a way to lose weight.  This day means we should be celebrating our health and body diversity, instead of trying to achieve the unrealistic air-brushed images we see of celebrities in magazines. In 2012, I went on one of those diets—I followed the