Impeachment Margarita

Impeachment margaritas in 2 glasses


February 22 is an interesting date. Not only is it George Washington’s actual birthday (as opposed to the “observed” day), but it also happens to be National Margarita Day. And for this year, what better way to recognize both those commemorations and a singular event of our times than with an Impeachment Margarita.

No matter where you stand on impeachment (and “trials” that don’t call witnesses), we can take pride in the founding fathers who built safeguards – although imperfect – into our political process to bring the holder of the nation’s highest office to account.

No matter the frustrations on either side of impeachment, it’s comforting to know a final “trial” will be held Nov. 3.

So let’s salute our Constitution and this election year by raising a glass of: ImPeachMent Margarita! (original version found at tasteofthesouth magazine)

How make this margarita

To begin, assemble some frozen peaches, lemon juice and lime juice and give them a blend. Now, if your fruit is still solid you probably won’t get far. So, add tequila and then blend it, also adding orange liqueur and simple syrup until it’s a smooth mixture.

blender with liquids and mint ready to go

Then, add ice and a few mint leaves. (did you know that mint is great for your skin? Read more here)

Note: simple syrup is a mix of equal parts sugar and water, heated to dissolve the sugar. This can be done in a saucepan on the stovetop and kept in the fridge in a jar. For small amounts I simply heat ¼ cup of water with ¼ cup sugar in the microwave and stir well to dissolve the sugar. Allow to cool before using.

Blend and you’ll have a lovely frozen margarita. Try a sip and adjust flavor as needed; frozen fruit sometimes needs more sugar.

I also like to rim my glasses with sugar for a fruit flavored margarita, or go with salt if you’re traditional that way.

2 margarita glasses filled with impeachment mrgaritas

This recipe serves two. So drink with a friend while discussing the pros and cons of potential candidates.

Impeachment margaritas in glasses

And to keep things on an even keel, lift a glass to President Washington. We could use more like him.

close up of stem showing snake detail

By the way, the design on the stem of this glass is a red snake. Which is not intended to be a political statement. Honest. 🤞🏻

Impeachment margaritas in 2 glasses
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Peach-Mint (Impeachment) Margarita

Raise a glass to George Washington!
Prep Time5 mins
Total Time5 mins
Course: Drinks
Cuisine: American
Servings: 2
Calories: 244kcal
Author: Sula


  • 8 oz frozen peach slices thawed
  • 1 TB lemon juice
  • 1 TB lime juice
  • 3 TB simple syrup*
  • Dash salt
  • ¼ cup tequila
  • 2 TB orange liqueur
  • 5-6 leaves fresh mint
  • 1 cup ice


  • In a blender, puree peaches, lemon and lime juice, simple syrup and dash of salt until smooth.
  • Add tequila, orange liqueur, mint leaves and ice. Puree until smooth.
  • Taste and adjust with simple syrup if needed.
  • Serve immediately.


*Simple syrup is made by dissolving sugar in an equal amount of water. For small quantities, I measure ¼ cup sugar and ¼ cup water in a small bowl and microwave for one minute. Stir to fully dissolve and let cool. Leftovers may be kept refrigerated for up to a month.


Calories: 244kcal | Carbohydrates: 39g | Protein: 1g | Fat: 1g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Sodium: 20mg | Potassium: 234mg | Fiber: 2g | Sugar: 37g | Vitamin A: 370IU | Vitamin C: 13mg | Calcium: 7mg | Iron: 1mg

Nutrition values are estimates only, using online calculators. Please verify using your own data.

pin for impeachment margarita


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  1. 5 stars
    Yep! Washington’s birthday is the ONLY important birthday on Feb. 22! THAT’S for sure! 😉 Also, “drink with a friend?” Pfffft, how about drink two by yourself and let your grubby friends make their own delicious drinks!

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