dragon fruit smoothie bowl garnished with toasted coconut and kiwi

Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowl (Pitaya Bowl)

I recently made a dragon fruit smoothie but once you start having fun with dragon fruit it doesn’t want to stop! So now I made a slightly different and more “spoon able” version: a dragon fruit smoothie bowl – also called a pitaya bowl. What is a smoothie bowl? Think smoothie, only thicker. The main difference when making a smoothie bowl is that you use less liquid in order to achieve a thicker final consistency. Just as with a drinkable smoothie, once you have the proportions down you can play with ingredients and mix-n-match until you find your favorite combination.

greek yogurt with peanut butter dip surrounded by apple slices

Greek Yogurt Peanut Butter Dip

Today I’ve made another super-easy dip to help round out your appetizer buffet. Like my Heath Bar Dip, this one is a sweet highlight for apple slices. It combines Greek yogurt with peanut butter so you can feel like you’re having something a little healthy among all the “heavier” appetizers out there. Ingredients You probably think you know this already from the name, right? Well, there are actually 3 ingredients needed: Greek yogurt (vanilla flavored) Peanut butter (creamy) Honey The first time I made this, it was based upon a description my daughter gave me. It is her 5-year-old’s favorite

keto hot cocoa with whipped cream next to some books

Keto Hot Cocoa (Hot Chocolate)

As I write this, it is 11 degrees (Fahrenheit) outside. January in Wisconsin. All I want is a cup of something warm, rich and comforting: hot cocoa fits the bill! But keeping it low carb can be a challenge, so here are some tricks to ensure your keto hot cocoa gives you the taste you want but also keeps your carb count low. Ingredients needed For years, I made hot chocolate with 2 ingredients: milk and Hershey’s syrup. Mix, microwave and drink. Easy and fast. But that won’t fly in a sugar free world. Here is how I adapted to

Dragon fruit smoothies in 2 glasses

Dragon Fruit Smoothie

There’s nothing like a healthy smoothie to start your day off right. We all have different ways we like to build our smoothies, which is what makes them so popular. So easy to customize as you please! If you want to give your smoothie a little boost, try making a dragon fruit smoothie! Its amazing magenta color will brighten your morning and probably the rest of your day! What is dragon fruit? Dragon fruit is a tropical fruit native to Mexico and Central America. Its taste is like a combination of a kiwi and a pear. (Healthline) Dragon fruit, also

keto granola in a bowl with fruit and yogurt

Keto Granola

Granola is something I have always loved. Granola bars, clusters or cereal – I’ll eat it all. But when you’re trying to cut carbs, one glance at the nutrition label for traditional granola will make you put it back on the shelf. Thankfully, keto granola is here fill that need! What makes this granola keto friendly? Looking at the nutrition label for my favorite store-bought granola, the top 3 ingredients are: oats, sugar, rice. Can you say Carb City? This granola uses no grains and no sugar. By using a variety of nuts to provide the wonderful crunch we want

Toasted Coconut on a small white plate

Toasted Coconut

There have always been those who love coconut.  But toasted coconut created a whole new set of fans. You can count me in – the extra crunch and flavor you get with toasting makes coconut so yum! But there are many different ways to toast your coconut. I tried 3 different methods with both sweetened and unsweetened coconut and will show the results of each. Organic Coconut vs Non This first comparison I want to show is the difference in appearance of the 2 types of coconut I purchased. The unsweetened coconut is organic and contains only one ingredient: coconut.

green pasta sauce on spaghetti noodles, on a white plate

Green Pasta Sauce

If you’re looking to increase the veggies in your diet, green pasta sauce is a great place to start! Loaded with spinach and cheese, this fresh green sauce is something you need to try! What’s in green pasta sauce? You’re probably thinking: “Are we talking about pesto?” And yes, you can certainly mix pesto in your pasta for a very simple green sauce. But this sauce is different. It does contain a small amount of pesto to enhance the flavor. But the primary source of green in the sauce is spinach. So. Much. Spinach. Loaded with vitamins and minerals, enough

berry sauce from frozen berries being poured on a crepe

Berry Sauce from Frozen Berries

I’ve made several recipes here where I have referenced using a berry sauce when serving, so I decided it is time to make my favorite sauce its own recipe. I like to make my easy berry sauce from frozen berries. Once you try this, I think you will too! Ingredients needed The beauty of this recipe is: you only need 2 ingredients! One is frozen, one is kept in the pantry. Easy ingredients to have on hand for “just in case”. Because let’s face it, there are plenty of times when we want to make things that we’re in the