New Backyard Visitor


My neighbor used to have a pile of wood stacked on the edge of his lot. It was occupied by a big old woodchuck who would periodically come out just to torment my dogs. I was so happy when the woodpile disappeared, because then so did the woodchuck.

Until now.

After all these years, I have daily sightings of a woodchuck. He looks much too comfortable in my backyard!

I’m starting to think I need to get a dog again!


2 thoughts on “New Backyard Visitor

  1. Ha ha ha ha, he looks like he’s about to cause trouble in the fourth picture down; like, he’s looking right into your soul and knows you hate his presence. Ha ha ha ha. What a cutie! Leave him alone, you monster (in the nicest way possible, please???)! And that last picture looks like he’s planted his flag on your territory. Ha ha ha. What an ass.

    1. Yes, he is kind of an ass…..he has definitely claimed my yard as his territory! There are 3 big holes in my yard which I believe are the entrances to his burrow!

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