Avocado Toast: 13 ways

Avocado Toast

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Avocado Toast. Most of you have probably tried it. Here are a few variations to keep you from getting bored with this very healthy take on toast!

First, a few ground rules. Start with some really good bread. Think whole grain, seedy, healthy. Words to live by: Good bread makes good toast.

Next, pick a ripe avocado. Be sure to follow my avocado tips for cutting and storing your avocado. I generally use up to half an avocado per slice of bread. Avocado is very healthy, but the calories do add up. So, be mindful!

How to make avocado toast

Toast bread, add avocado and choice of toppings as seen below.

The avocado. Two options: Either slice the avocado and arrange on toast (very decorative!). Or, mash it up and spread on toast. I switch between the two, depending upon my mood.

Simple Avocado Toast

Avocado and salt:

simple avocado toast

Avocado plus toast equals avocado toast. How hard can it be, right? And super yummy. Just add salt; because what is avocado toast without salt? Boring, that’s what.

(Unless salt is bad for you, healthwise. Then avocado toast without salt is super-cool and super-sexy!! My apologies to the AMA).

Avocado and EBTB seasoning

Everything but the bagel

Instead of plain salt, crank your seasoning up a notch. Try “Everything But the Bagel” (EBTB) seasoning from Trader Joe’s.

Super delicious, this seasoning does have a fair share of salt plus garlic, onion and three types of seed. Love it!

Add Dairy

Ricotta + Avocado + EVOO + salt (or EBTB)

Everything but the bagel avocado toast

This combination (and the next) comes from my daughter. I’m a big fan. Start with a layer of ricotta cheese (cream or goat cheese works as well). Add sliced avocado, some extra-virgin olive oil and season with salt.

I like to add EBTB seasoning on this one…it’s become a favorite of mine, can you tell?

Avocado + cottage cheese + EVOO + red pepper

cottage cheese with red pepper

My daughter’s ultimate favorite starts with avocado, and cottage cheese is layered on top. A drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of red pepper flakes makes it yummy!

Go nuts with your avocado toast

Avocado + chopped almonds + EVOO

avocado toast with almonds

Holy healthy fats, Batman! I went into this one thinking I’d take one bite and put it aside. I ended up eating the whole thing. If you’re trying to include more healthy fats in your diet, this combo can’t be beat.

Add tomato

Avocado + tomato + EVOO + salt

Avocado with tomato

I am a tomato lover, for sure. Adding a big ole slice to my toast seemed like a natural step. Loved it. 😀

Ricotta + avocado + tomato + balsamic glaze

avocado toast with balsamic glaze

Adding tomato created a natural stepping stone to balsamic glaze, which I always have on hand.

The ricotta gives a nice balance to the glaze and the whole combination really enhances the ripe tomato slice.

Avocado + fresh mozzarella + tomato + basil + balsamic glaze

Probably saw this one coming, right? Only a slight step from the previous, this version is essentially a caprese version of avocado toast.

caprese avocado toast

Fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil top the avocado. Drizzle it all with balsamic glaze and devour!

Add egg

Ricotta + Avocado + egg (soft scrambled)

You can add egg to almost any version above. Although, a few might become a little messy to eat. LOL. All are delicious.

Scrambled egg

Scrambled egg is shown, but over-easy and poached work as well. Just make your favorite and add. 😀

Spice it up

Avocado with hot sauce

This version comes from my daughter-in-law. Very surprising, as she is the girl who “didn’t like spicy” when she started dating my son. Note: My son puts hot sauce on VEGETABLES.

avocado toast with hot sauce

Clearly her taste buds have evolved, and she likes hot sauce on her avocado toast. She will even use guacamole in place of plain avocado, topped with – what else? – hot sauce. Quite the evolution.

Avocado + salsa + tortilla chips

Avocado toast with salsa

Wanting to take the hot sauce idea one more step, I decided to use salsa. Now THIS is tasty! Extra terrific: Crush some tortilla chips on top and you are set!

Kinda feels like a good breakfast for the morning after a Cinco de Mayo celebration, right?

Avocado + corn + lime

Avocado toast with corn

This is another version with a Tex-Mex feel to it. Corn provides a sweetness that plays nicely with tart lime. Corn salad would be a good substitute as well.

Avocado + Greek yogurt + Za’atar seasoning

Here’s a whole different flavor for you. I hopped on the Za’atar seasoning bandwagon when I first heard about it, and then kind of sat on my jar of seasoning for a while. It’s not one that comes to mind for many dishes. But it works well with Greek yogurt.

Za'atar on toast

Put both on your avocado toast and enjoy!

So many toppings for avocado toast, so little time! Have fun with these ideas!


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    1. UM, why can’t I give you stars on this post? This is awesome!!! Despite being a stupid millennial, I’ve never had avocado toast! But I may have to start now because these all look DELICIOUS! Way to go, Sula!

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